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Labangan is a 4th class municipality in the province of Zamboanga del Sur, Philippines. Labangan is politically subdivided into 25 barangays. These are Bagalupa, Balimbingan (West Luya), Binayan, Bokong, Bulanit, Cogonan, Combo, Dalapang, Dimasangca, Dipaya, Langapod, Lantian, Lower Campo Islam (Poblacion), Lower Pulacan, Lower Sang-an, New Labangan, Noboran, Old Labangan, San Isidro, Santa Cruz, Tapodoc, Tawagan Norte, Upper Campo Islam (Poblacion), Upper Pulacan and Upper Sang-an.

Pulacan Falls - 12 km. from Pagadian City, and covering an area of 400 square meters. It is the source of water for the Labangan irrigation system. Two kilometers from the area is the 134-hectare Home Defense Center. The falls can be reached easily by any motor vehicle. With the opening of the PADAP road, Pulacan Falls became a beautiful camping and picnic site. It now has a permanent Boy and Girl Scout site with facilities and has been the location of regional and provincial jamborees.

Army Site - The New Division Site of 1st Infantry (TABAK) Division, Philippine Army is located on the top of the Hill of Kuta Major Cesar L Sang-an.

Population of Labangan as of August 1, 2015 from Philippine Statistics Authority
Bagalupa 1,058
Balimbingan (West Luya) 1,809
Binayan 978
Bokong 1,653
Bulanit 2,180
Cogonan 1,790
Combo 880
Dalapang 2,110
Dimasangca 849
Dipaya 1,121
Langapod 1,880
Lantian 2,260
Lower Campo Islam (Pob.) 1,417
Lower Pulacan 1,683
New Labangan 2,241
Noboran 1,280
Old Labangan 996
San Isidro 1,587
Santa Cruz 1,310
Tapodoc 1,920
Tawagan Norte 2,841
Upper Campo Islam (Pob.) 1,456
Upper Pulacan 4,172
Upper Sang-an 1,366
TOTAL 41,790