A municipality with...

- Having officials renders good local governance better and efficient administration.

- A God-centered people who are economically stable, self-reliant and progressive.

- That encourages business investments, attain agricultural sufficiency and ensure a proper management and utilization of each natural resources. 


To ensure economic stability, sustainability and prosperity, the municipal government of Ramon Magsaysay shall render good local governance, better and efficient administration, promote social justice, provide basic services, ensure proper management and utilization of natural resources, attain agri sufficiency, encourage business investment, and move towards the strong foundation of sustainable development. 

Long before the Spaniards came to the province of Zamboanga del Sur, Liargao was the original name of the area which is now the municipality of Ramon Magsaysay. The Subanen, the natives of the area named the place "LIGAW" meaning "lost in the way" due to the unusual direction of the river. The river seems to be going up to the mountain instead of going down to the sea.

The Subanen continued to occupy the area until sometime during the later part of 1940 when group of Christian farmers came and settled in the barrio of Liargao which was then still a part of the municipality of Aurora. These farmers organized themselves and founded the Dipolo Farmers Association with Mr. Olympio Rada as the President.

Migration was made possible due to the road opening from Campo-IV to Liargao which was the only passable road by motor vehicles. Through this initial development, the pioneer settlers and some political leaders headed by Mr. Santiago Sumicad and Mr. Valentin Peralta tried hard to work for the creation of Liargao into a municipality but were unsuccessful in their efforts.

In December 28, 1956, with the representation of Congressman Roseller T. Lim, Governor Bienvenido Ebarle and some prominent local political leaders, then President Ramon Magsaysay signed Executive Order No. 222, creating Liargao into a regular corporate municipality. Then on February 13, 1957, President Ramon Magsaysay again issued Executive Order No. 239 also creating the municipality of Liargao superseding Executive Order No. 222. The barrios within the juridical boundaries of the newly created municipality were Campo IV, Campo V, Campo VI, Pasingkalan, Bambong Daku, Malating, Wakat, Lower Sambulawan, Sinaguing, Gapasan, Buluron, Bacahan, Midsalip, Timbaboy, Canipay, Caniangan, Laperian, Katipunan, Bobongan, Bambong Diut, Sominot and Sapa Anding.

The first appointed municipal officials headed by the appointed Municipal Mayor Hon. Alfonso M. Donaire were inducted into office by Governor Bienvenido Ebarle on April 21, 1957.

Through the able leadership of Mayor Alfonso M. Donaire Sr. and of course the assistance of Congressman Canuto Enerio, a road was constructed from barrio Switch (formerly Campo VI) to Liargao and was opened to traffic on January 1960.

On the same year after the untimely death of President Ramon Magsaysay, the House of Congress enacted Republic Act No. 2788, changing the name of the municipality of Liargao to Ramon Magsaysay in honor of the late President.

Mayor Alfonso M. Donaire Sr. occupied the position as Local Chief Executive of the Town until his retirement in May 1986.

Upon the retirement of Mayor Alfonso M. Donaire Sr., Dr. Jovito C. Apepe Sr. was appointed as Officer In-Charge by Hon. Aquilino Pimentel, then Secretary of the Department of Local Government. During the 1988 local election, another Officer In-Charge in the person of Mr. Waldertrud L. Lubguban, a DILG field officer stationed in the municipality was appointed. He assumed office in December 1987 by virtue of DILG Memorandum Circular. He served as Chief Executive Officer for a period of two(2) months.

Through the popular mandate of the people, Mr. Pergentino O. Arcite was elected Municipal Mayor. He took his oath of office together with the other municipal officials on February 2, 1988 before Judge Delfin E. Agbu, Municipal Trial Court Judge.

Hon. Pergentino O. Arcite was re-elected Municipal Mayor in May 1992. He faithfully served the municipality until his demise on February 2, 1994. Immediately after February 4, 1994, Hon. Jesus C. Pesalbon, the Municipal Vice Mayor assumed as the Chief Executive.

During the May 1995 local election, Hon. Gaspar O. Arcite was elected into office and served the municipality for three(3) consecutive terms. He is very much concerned in upgrading the delivery of basic services especially the poor farmers in the municipality.

His major achievement is the construction of a new Municipal Hall which was completed two months before his term as Chief Executive was ended.

Presently, the municipal government is administered by Hon. Pacifico B. Bulahan Jr.. He was the planning officer of the LGU for about twenty three(23) years before being elected as Local Chief Executive in the 2004 local election. Through his leadership, various projects were implemented with deep socio-economic impact, such as the Construction of Integrated Bus & Jeepney Terminal, Public Market, Construction & Upgrading of 7.85 km Farm to Market Road from Poblacion to Malating Infres Program, Establishment of Ramon Magsaysay National High School and the Corn Post Harvest facility and Trading Center.

Thru popular mandate, Hon. Leonilo D. Borinaga Sr. was elected as Municipal Mayor during the 2013 local and national election and became the 7th Local Chief Executive. He was the former Municipal Health Officer serving the municipality from 1988 to 2001, elected as Municipal Vice Mayor from 2001 to 2010 and as Sangguniang Bayan member from 2001-2013.

His Road Map of Development of Ramon Magsaysay (RM FOR RM) focuses on eleven (11) priority areas. These are;

1) Economic development and poverty reduction,

2) Development of Tourist destination Areas,

3) Environmental protection,

4) Establishment of responsive health care management system,

5) Support to Education,

6) Shelter,

7) Sports & Talent development,

8) Peace & Security,

9) Infrastructure Program,

10) Disaster preparedness and

11)Revenue generation

The establishment of Caniangan agro-industrial eco-tourism hub is one of the ambitious poverty reduction programs of the present administration. The development of the 25 hectares area of land owned by the municipal government into an agro industrial zone wherein establishment of processing facilities such as Mini coco oil mill, Feeds processing facility & Organic processing facility are just among the intervention to be put aimed to increase economic activity & opportunity to the barangay down to the household level.

Population of Ramon Magsaysay as of August 1, 2015 from Philippine Statistics Authority
Bagong Opon 550
Bambong Daku 649
Bambong Diut 595
Bobongan 1,284
Campo IV 1,550
Campo V 899
Caniangan 731
Dipalusan 629
Eastern Bobongan 915
Esperanza 2,039
Gapasan 1,168
Katipunan 1,543
Kauswagan 453
Lower Sambulawan 507
Mabini 438
Magsaysay 954
Malating 694
Paradise 1,079
Pasingkalan 1,259
Poblacion 2,873
San Fernando 557
Santo Rosario 631
Sapa Anding 1,312
Sinaguing 952
Switch 1,283
Upper Laperian 682
Wakat 380
TOTAL 26,606