San Pablo is the prime supplier of organic agri-fishery products and center for eco-tourism destination in the region, inhabited by self-empowered and resilient community, supported by quality infrastructure and sustainable environment under a responsible and god-centered governance.


San Pablo is a 4th class municipality in the province of Zamboanga del Sur, Philippines. San Pablo is politically subdivided into 28 barangays. These are Bag-ong Misamis, Bubual, Buton, Culasian, Daplayan, Kalilangan, Kapamanok, Kondum, Lumbayao, Mabuhay, Marcos Village, Miasin, Molansong, Pantad, Pao, Payag, Poblacion (San Pablo), Pongapong, Sacbulan, Sagasan, San Juan, Senior, Songgoy, Tandubuay, Taniapan, Ticala Island, Tubo-pait and Villakapa.

Population of San Pablo as of August 1, 2015 from Philippine Statistics Authority
Bag-ong Misamis 407
Bubual 705
Buton 223
Culasian 1,379
Daplayan 940
Kalilangan 961
Kapamanok 1,431
Kondum 521
Lumbayao 659
Mabuhay 559
Marcos Village 1,361
Miasin 1,001
Molansong 473
Pantad 1,412
Pao 725
Payag 1,148
Poblacion (San Pablo) 3,734
Pongapong 855
Sacbulan 844
Sagasan 1,024
San Juan 357
Senior 417
Songgoy 794
Tandubuay 1,554
Taniapan 1,191
Ticala Island 531
Tubo-pait 415
Villakapa 485
TOTAL 26,106