We envision Sominot as a peaceful and prosperous AGRO-INDUSTRIAL municipality, with empowered and GOD-fearing constituents, conscious of preserving a green and healthy environment. 


To provide an atmosphere of peace and prosperity through effective agro-industrial revenue and investment programs.To institutionalize people’s participation in all government undertakings. To adopt appropriate measures for the preservation and development of the environment. 


SO-MI-NOT, a three-syllable word which sometime ago captivated the fancy of the people. The twang is unusual and funny that many believed the name was just a comic coinage of some enterprising comedian. Others thought it was as fictitious as Shangri-la or an imaginary local Disneyland. Not long afterwards, the name evoked both ridicule and wonder. Ridicule, as denoting backwardness; and wonder, as denoting a place whose existence has to be proven yet. But Sominot was in truth and in fact, real and existing at least until 1980. And, indeed, a coined word albeit not by a comic but by the Native Subanens. The word was not just to be a thoughtless utterance but pregnant with meaning.

Imagine the place. Beneath the lush virginity of its jungle lies a lazy creek pouring its crystal water down its winding trail. Some distance away the creek abruptly vanishes. One of Ripley’s believe it-or-not? Precisely, this wonderful phenomenon gave birth to the word SOMINOT.

Initially, the word So-mi-no-ot, "mino" being an affix in Subanen fashion conjugating the verb " so-ot", meaning to penetrate or to pass through. Literally, this is exactly how the word meant to be- a body of water passing through a hole. With constant usage, however, largely by Christians, the word evolved into its present contracted form, "SOMINOT".

Indeed, to a nature lover the sight is wonderful to behold- a creek idly winding its way down to disappear abruptly as if sucked into a bottomless pit. About 300 meters away from where it plummeted the water emerges again to continue its trek seaward to the municipality of Tukuran.

But the wonder does not end here. If one has an adventurous spirit he will soon discover that the water actually plunges down to a hole with a circumference just enough to gulf in all the water in a given fraction of time. Beneath the hole is a hollow space of a limestone cave with several chambers varying in sizes and dimensions. Some rooms could easily swallow a two-story building while others are small enough so as to allow an average-size person to crawl in order to pass through. One of the ends of the cave is an exit of the creek, the cave forming a majestic arc, gaping wide open like a jaw of a giant shark with its stalactites forming like thousand teeth.

In between the stalactites and the hollows and crevices are found thousand of small bats resting after a hard night’s work. A word of caution though; these nocturnal animals are hypersensitive to sound that the slightest disturbance of their domain would sent them flying and scampering away producing a gushing sound similar to a cascading water. The uninitiated would be scared with their wits out. But one need not worry though; bats are harmless animals.

The municipality of SOMINOT was carved out of various part of Dumingag, Mahayag, Midsalip, Ramon Magsaysay and Tukuran. With the passage of Batas Pambansa Bilang 60, on March 27, 1980, the municipality was created and named Don Mariano Marcos with the former barangay Sominot pinpointed as the seat of the Local Government. Sadly then, for those who knew and loved the name Sominot, could no longer used the same officially. Slowly then, the name became a mere fragment in the diminishing memory of the minds of the residence.

Yet, the interest in renaming the place to its old name was rekindled anew with the passage of House Bill No. 2493 which was later signed into law by Her Excellency President Corazon C. Aquino last 1988 as Republic Act 6684 entitled: AN ACT CHANGING THE NAME OF THE MUNICIPALITY OF DON MARIANO MARCOS, PROVINCE OF ZAMBOANGA DEL SUR, TO MUNICIPALITY OF SOMINOT.

SOMINOT - a name which symbolizes a joke which nature sometimes play to its surroundings. As one goes to Sominot, he will be reminded of the marvel of Divine Engineering, and in the darkness of the cave and in the soft murmur of the creek, he will be reminded how close is GOD to his heart.

Republic Act No. 6684

An Act Changing the name of the Municipality of Don Mariano Marcos, Province of Zamboanga del Sur, to municipality of Sominot. Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the Philippines in Congress assembled:

Section 1. The name of the municipality of Don Mariano Marcos, Province of Zamboanga del Sur, is hereby changed to Municipality of Sominot

Section 2. This Act shall take effect upon its approval.

Approved: December 2, 1988.

The following Municipal Officials listed here under had all been responsible of the socio-political affairs and fiscal management of the municipality since 1980 up to the present:

Casiano Sollano 1980-1986 (Appointed)

Pepito B. Degamo 1986-1987 (OIC)

Bienvenido T. Damalerio 1987-1988 (OIC)

Pepito B. Degamo 1988-1998 (Elected)

Ignacio A. Pilapil 1998-2001 (Elected)

Josie C. Parojinog 2001-2004 (Elected)

Teodoro H. Acosta 2004-2013 (Elected)

Stephen C. Acosta 2013-Present (Elected)

Population of Sominot as of August 1, 2015 from Philippine Statistics Authority
Bag-ong Baroy 416
Bag-ong Oroquieta 581
Barubuhan 919
Bulanay 897
Datagan 1,301
Eastern Poblacion 1,185
Lantawan 728
Libertad 596
Lumangoy 474
New Carmen 870
Picturan 1,046
Poblacion 3,394
Rizal 1,187
San Miguel 371
Santo Niño 1,163
Sawa 414
Tungawan 1,798
Upper Sicpao 1,197
TOTAL 18,537