Municipality of Tambulig is a place of God Centered, environment friendly, progressive and peace loving people with equitable access to socio-economic opportunities through good governance. 


Equyal opportunities to all religions , strict implementation of Solid Waste Management and provision of socio-economic development projects and programs in a transparent, accountable, participative and effective local governance. 

Ethnic & Cultural History

Tambulig came into existence as an independent municipality on December 27, l957, by virtue of Executive Order No. 282, promulgated by His Excellency, late President Carlos P. Garcia extracted from the municipalities of Molave and Aurora, both of the same province, respectively.

The name Tambulig derives from the word "tambul" the vernacular name of drum being combined together with the name of the owner known as "Ilig", the pioneering Subano Hunter of said place who was said to have perished mysteriously, but, the sound of his drum could still be heard during moonlight nights, that, the pioneers and early settlers would then sigh and say it’s now the sound of the "Drum of Ilig" laconically in vernacular "ang Tambul ni Ilig" shortened into TAMBULIG.

The municipality of Tambulig is bounded on the north by the municipality of Josefina of same province on the south by the municipality of Aurora and Panguil Bay; on the east by the province of Misamis Occidental and on the west by the municipalities of Molave and Ramon Magsaysay both also of the same province.

Political History

At the start of the creation, Tambulig was composed of forty-one (41) barangays, but, when barangay Gumahan a part of Tambulig in the upland portion was created into an independent municipality named Josefina last November 11, l977, by virtue of Presidential Decree No. 1240, promulgated by His Excellency, late President Ferdinand E. Marcos, carrying with it thirteen (13) barangays extracted solely from her mother municipality, only twenty-eight (28) barangays were left, but, after a year, three (3) additional barangays were created under the promulgation of the Provincial Board of Zamboanga del Sur making a Total of thirty-one (31) barangays under the area of responsibility and jurisdiction of Tambulig at present.

Honorable Edmedio A. Ebarle, Sr., was the first appointed and elected Municipal Mayor of Tambulig followed by Honorable David C. Tolero and Honorable Pedrito Laporre who were both appointed as Officers in charge during the EDSA revolution. Ex-Mayor Edmedio Ebarle, Sr., was again catapulted into power in the 1989 election, but, got lost to the two-termer Mayor, Honorable Alfredo M. Dumanjug, Sr. who garnered loosing votes in the l998 election to Mayor Eduardo Cuizon Balaod. In 2007 election, Caridad B. Balaod won with Eduardo Cuizon Balaod as the Vice Mayor , and in 2010 election Caridad B. Balaod again won with Leonilyn C. Balaod as the Vice Mayor.

Geographical Location

The municipality of Tambulig is in the eastern side of the province. It is located at the geographic coordinates of 123degrees 08’ 38” latitude and 07 degrees 07’ 09” longitude. It is the last municipality going to the province of Misamis Occidental. It is 0.38 kms. east away from the city of Pagadian.

Its provincial capital and 3.02 kms. east away from Zamboanga City its regional capital. Tambulig is bounded in the West by Molave and Ramon Magsaysay, in the north by Josefina, in the east by Bonifacio and in the south by Aurora and Panguil Bay in eastern section. For a clear picture, refer to the vicinity map shown on the following page.

Population of Tambulig as of August 1, 2015 from Philippine Statistics Authority
Alang-alang 1,266
Angeles 753
Bag-ong Kauswagan 672
Bag-ong Tabogon 449
Balugo 1,378
Cabgan 1,884
Calolot 1,624
Dimalinao 403
Fabian (Balucot) 1,341
Gabunon 1,875
Happy Valley (Pob.) 2,372
Kapalaran 996
Libato 712
Limamawan 710
Lower Liasan 406
Lower Lodiong (Pob.) 1,841
Lower Tiparak 1,807
Lower Usogan 814
Maya-maya 331
New Village (Pob.) 1,920
Pelocoban 603
Riverside (Pob.) 1,839
Sagrada Familia 896
San Jose 641
San Vicente 654
Sumalig 2,767
Tuluan 957
Tungawan 1,828
Upper Liason 395
Upper Lodiong 335
Upper Tiparak 1,691
TOTAL 36,160