Provincial Ordinances

An ordinance providing for the policies and guidelines on private admissions at the Zamboanga del Sur Medical Center (ZDSMC).
An ordinance amending by addition to Provincial Tax Ordinance No. 020-006, otherwise known as the Revenue Code of Zamboanga del Sur particularly Chapter III, Article A, Sections 3A 01 and 3A 5.7 (Governor's Permit) and Chapter V, Article G (Fees and Charges on Agricultural Products), thereof.
An ordinance providing for the implementating rules and regulations of the Zamboanga del Sur Micro-Development Project (ZDS-MICRODEV) and for other Purposes
An ordinance amending Provincial Ordinance No. 012-2009 "Establishing the Zamboanga del Sur birthing home at the former Zamboanga del Sur Provincial Hospital located at Tuburan district in Pagadian City, defining its structure and extent of operation, thereby transferring it to the Zamboanga del Sur Medical Center (ZDSMC) at Dao, Pagadian City".
An ordinance regulating the conduct of drag racing in the province of Zamboanga del Sur and imposing penalties and violations thereof.
An ordinance establishing system and mechanisms for efficient and effective implementation of the MNCHN and CSR + strategy.
An ordinance creating and establishing the Provincial crisis management committee in the province of Zamboanga del Sur and appropriating funds therefor.
An ordinance amending the constituted composition of the SP committee on good government and public accountability for the 7th provincial board from an original of three board members to five with Chairman, Vice-Chairman and three (3) members.
An ordinance declaring the central roads of the Provincial Government Center at Dao, Pagadian City as provincial road.
An ordinance requiring all technical/vocational schools and assessment centers to secure clearance and accreditation certificates from the Technical Education and Skills Development Authority (TESDA) before applying for business permit to operate within the province of zamboanga del sur.
An ordinance adopting the term MEGAYON which means "UNITY", thereby creating a GAWAD MEGAYON as the highest form of award in the province of Zamboanga del Sur, providing guidelines for the selection of awardee/s, and thereafter referred to as "GAWAD MEGAYON".
An ordinance granting and determining outstanding performance incentive to employees of the Provincial Government of Zamboanga del Sur for Fiscal year 2012.
An ordinance providing for affordable quality medicines by establishing "Botika ng Zamboanga del Sur", a pharmacy owned and operated by the Provincial Government of Zamboanga del Sur and for other purpose.
An ordinance creating Farmer's Haven in the Provincial Government Center.