10 Most Outstanding Teacher's 2017 received their awards during the Teacher's Night as one of the highlights of the 65th Araw ng Zamboanga del Sur

10 Most Outstanding Teachers Awarded by the Provincial Government of Zamboanga del Sur

Sep 27, 2017 Education

As part of the 7-point agenda of the Provincial Government headed by our Provincial Governor Antonio Herrera Cerilles, various projects and programs in education have been firmly implemented in furtherance for imparting values to each student such as perseverance, hard work, integrity, respect and most especially the love of God, country and fellowmen, producing good citizens and responsible leaders. 

This program includes scouting not only for the students but to include teachers and local officials. The Scouting Movement, through the Boy Scouts of the Philippines (BSP), is an effective program in the leadership and value formation of every child. The aim of the movement is the development of good citizenship among the rising generation. 

The re-engineering program of the province of Zamboanga del Sur under the Seven Point Agenda of the present provincial administration in providing quality education and affordable Education to its constituency all throughout the province. The Josefina Herrera-Cerilles State College (JHCSC) is now reaching its heights as one of the premier tertiary academic institution in the Zamboanga peninsula in generating new highly competent and competitive professionals in various fields of proficiency that can compete not only locally but also globally. The Zamboanga del Sur Provincial Government College, the first institution in the province which is run and funded solely by the Provincial Government of Zamboanga del Sur through the initiative of Governor Cerilles that focuses on the field of agriculture, which is guided by its ultimate goal of providing quality education in various academic fields geared towards enhancing the level of global competitiveness anchored on integrity and firm morals in sustaining a strong nation. The Zamboanga del Sur Sports Academy is a product of the Sports Development Program of the province that is the one and only sports academy established in the entire country which promotes both athletics and academics to young student-athletes to excel in sports and provide quality education in order to attain their goals in life.

Every year, the province of Zamboanga del Sur recognizes teachers who extended extra efforts in giving quality education and best service to the community. The Province of Zamboanga del Sur recognizes the Ten Most Outstanding Teachers for the Year 2017. These awardees came out in the rank after a thorough screening strictly following standard criteria. Several categories were contested such as; Classroom Teachers in both Elementary and Secondary Level, Principals, to include Teacher-In- Charge and District Supervisor. The category for District Supervisor was judged according to the standard set by the Department of Education and uniformly applied throughout the Philippines based on the 9 primary functions of District Supervisors. 

The criteria of all the other categories are anchored on the 7 -Point Agenda of the Province of Zamboanga del Sur namely; Infrastructure, Social Services, Agriculture, Health, Education, Livelihood and Peace and Order. On that note, the nominees are judged in terms of academic performance and achievement, active participation in sports, involvement in Boy Scout activities and implementation of Cassava farming in the school yard.

This Gahung gahung organic farming is an advocacy of our Governor, Hon. Antonio H. Cerilles to be practiced in schools who have the land area suitable for this kind of farming procedure. The purpose of which, is to raise funds from the yield of cassava to support the needs of the school and eradicating solicitations from LGUs and to stop asking contribution from parents.

The province is very serious in scouting for both boys and girls because through scouting you inculcate the Fear of God, Love of Country and respect to fellowmen especially to elders. In effect, you are molding the youth to be a better citizen. And the achievement of the goals of scouting is dependent on the dedication of teachers in the field who have the direct contact to these young individuals in schools.

It is in that sense that the province honors the principals and teachers for sacrificing their time and sometimes even their personal money for the love of their students and pupils.

This year’s awardee for the Most Outstanding District Supervisor is Dr. Jessie S. Tañola from San Miguel District. His recognition was based on the DepEd’s national standard on the primary functions of District Supervisors. 

Next awardee is from the category of Elementary School Head is Ms. Mary Lyn A. Dela Torre. Serving as Teacher-In-Charge, of a Multi-Grade School, she still handles combination classes of a very far- flung barangay of Tambulig, Barangay Mayamaya. In spite the distance and very difficult road situation in going to her school, she continuously inspire her pupils to come to school and earn education. Due to the very limited resources of the school, she responded to the advocacy of cassava farming in school where she used the yield primarily for feeding her hungry pupils while in school. And having seen how sustainable cassava gahung gahung farming is, she committed to enhance her existing cassava farm into the standard gahung gahung procedure where the school could have an income from its monthly harvest. It is her desire to use cassava farming as a source of funds that could support all the activities in school especially Boy Scout where she has been actively involve with for she believes that Boy Scouting can help change the lives of her pupils to become better citizens.

Next awardee from the category of Teacher In-Charge in Elementary is Mrs. Lecel C. Lodovice. A woman of vision, she actively engaged her herself in doing all possible strategies to realize her dreams in making Pangi Elementary School in Kumalarang District, a top producer of quality grade 6 graduates. Believing in the sustainability of cassava gahung gahung farming, she implemented it using the spare land area of the school where she already had harvested for 3 times and the income is targeted to construct covered court in her school. Due to the lineup of projects she wish to implement in her school, she committed to improve the cassava farming in Pangi Elementary School using the standard gahung gahung procedure because she is very optimistic that this is the only way to improve the school’s situation without giving burden to the poor parents.

For the category of Teacher In-Charge in High School level, the award is given to Mr. Andresito P. Magpatoc. Acting as the school head of Daniel C. Mantos National High School in the Municipality of Mahayag. He managed to continuously give quality education that each student deserves. In spite of the limited resources, his school has been 100% registrant of the Boy Scout of the Philippines and regularly conducting trainings on the basic drills and skills on boy scouting that made his young high school students appear so smart and were to  adapt the values  imparted by scouting. In his desire that he canS endorse students to be enrolled in the Sports Academy, he initiated sports activities in school in order to awaken the interest of students to go into sports. He started putting up sports facilities in the school ground but due to the scarcity of funds, he made it a long range plan to realize everything he has planned. When the Governor introduced the cassava gahung gahung farming in schools, he right away responded to it having in mind that he can pursue with his plans in school using the income from cassava. In fact, the school has acquired grass cutter and materials to build one unit comfort room without asking contribution from the parents because he purchased them using the income from cassava. Sports facilities, improvement of the school grounds are the top priority projects that he is convinced to be realized if he would implement the standard gahung gahung procedure which he is now committed.

The next awardee in the school head category in the secondary level is Mr. Diomedes H. Rosales. His being active and dedicated as a school head is manifested in the progress and development of the entire school campus of Toribio Minor National High School in Margosatubig. Situated along the hill which is difficult to develop, the school gains its physical beauty from the artistic landscapes that arose from the initiative of the teachers, students, parents and LGU officials which collaborative efforts would not have been possible without the leadership of the school head. The school under his leadership is one of the producers of athletes in the sports academy who made it to the top universities in manila as varsity player. A man who has the passion in sports he used to encourage the students to get involved in sports instead of taking pleasure from vices. His way of developing the young minds to become better citizens and reliable leaders is through the trainings of Boy Scouts. The reason why he has produced a number of Eagle Scouts who are actively serving as leaders in the school in all Boy Scout activities. Being a leader in school, he wanted to be a role model not only within the school perimeter but likewise to the community. And one thing he is certain he can influence the people outside his school is his example in cassava gahung gahung farming where he would like to show to the farmers in the neighboring community  the sustainable income that this kind of farming could give.

Another category is the Classroom Teacher in both Elementary and Secondary Level. For the Elementary level, is Mrs. Baby Jean T. Baid of Baganian Elementary School in Tabina District. Serving as classroom teacher for 9 years, she draw her perseverance to continue helping the students especially the problematic ones from the achievement of her previous pupils who come to her and thank her for the knowledge that she imparted that they are bringing along with them as they are growing older. Being so active in Boy Scout, she upgraded herself by attending trainings until she became a wood badge holder. Her passion in teaching has been integrated with the teachings of Boy Scout movements for she believes that molding young boys and girls to become better individuals is possible in scouting. Applying one of the most important values in scouting which is obedience, she readily responded to call of cassava farming in school yard in which the school has already benefited from its yield.

Another awardee from the Elementary Classroom Teacher Category is Mr. Kremir A. Alicaway. A mathematics teacher of Dipolo Elementary School of Molave District, he has been spending his personal money in  improving his classroom and  turned it to be a high tech classroom for his pupils to be more interested to go to school and learn. Being so dedicated to provide life-long learning, he kept himself busy crafting instructional materials and share them to other teachers. In fact, he has come up with an effective teaching materials in mathematics which he entitled “Kremir’s Cross Number” which has already been certified by the National Library. Being disciplinarian to his pupils, he strongly believes in the values and skills of Boy Scouting. The reason why he is actively participating in all its activities and relentlessly upgrading his trainings until he became a wood badge holder with Course for Managers of Learning (CML). A teacher who has a lot to offer with his talents and skills, he joined the JCI Philippines. A high standard civic organization that brings out the best in him. Proof to that is the commendation given to him as Outstanding World Trainer. And recently JCI considered him as Area Chairman for Public Speaking in the entire Mindanao.

Another awardee from Secondary Classroom Teacher Category is Mr. Jose Weavester J. Blanco of Aurora National High School. His dedication to service as a teacher, is manifested through ceaseless innovations in teaching. He never stops until his students get the target result he sets to achieve. In spite of some challenges that confronted him, he is so determined to devout his time and effort in performing his duties as a classroom teacher. He has been so active in leading students and keep encouraging them to get involve in worthwhile activities like sports and scouting. He was then active in sports but when requested to take charge of the boy scouts, he never hesitated to give his service and focused on learning everything about boy scouting for he aimed to be an effective scout leader until he became Wood Badge Holder with Course for Managers of Learning (CML) that made him competent enough to handle his troops. Due to his persistent effort in Boy Scout activities, giving emphasis on community service, he was able to produce a winner of a National Award as Gawad Tobspa Award for Community Project, due to the Cassava Gahung gahung farming that his scouts are actively engaged with.

Another awardee is Mrs. Elvisa R. Buot of Laperian National High School in the Municipality of Tukuran. A high school teacher for 23 years, she dedicated her time and effort teaching the students not only the lessons found in their books but most of all the values that make them live a better life. Confronted with a lot of challenges in the course of transferring knowledge to the students, she still managed to perform her mission which is to provide life-long learning by patiently seeking for innovations that helped her achieve her targets.

The cassava gahung gahung plantation in the school is through her initiative which was done in order to raise funds to support the needs of the school.

Another awardee is Mr. Ricky E. Aljas of Liguac National High School in the Municipality of Pitogo. Being a teacher of a newly opened school with a very limited resources pushed him to do all possible means in order to carry out the tasks and responsibilities to deliver quality education to his students.

His efforts in implementing the cassava gahung gahung farming in his school yard garnered support from his community for they are one in their vision to make the school a conducive venue for learning equipped with all the necessary equipment and facilities. And for him, collaborative effort and cassava gahung gahung farming would make it to its realization.

During the Teacher’s Night when these awardees where given awards, Lanao del Norte Governor Imelda Quibranza Dimaporo graced the event as guest speaker and on her message she recognized the teachers who are responsible in molding the minds of the school children to become useful and responsible citizens of the community and active partners in national development. She also commend this year’s anniversary theme “Padayon sa Kauswagan, Seguridad sa Katawhan Ampingan” which is appropriate and  timely message  to the young generations since this time we are hoping for an immediate resolution of peace not only in Marawi but all throughout the country. She encouraged the teachers of this province, government officials and employees and all the people of Zamboanga del Sur to join together in cultivating a culture of peace and unity in Mindanao.