Provincial Jail & Reformatory Center’s Detainees making Christmas Decors as livelihood program.

Celebrating Christmas Away from Home

Dec 27, 2016 Others

Christmas is the time of the year that families are gathered together and do activities together like going to church for Christmas mornings, shopping for Christmas gifts, watching different Christmas decors in the park and eat Noche Buena together. In short it is a family reunion.

But it is not enjoyed by all. There are those who cannot be with their families on Christmas day because of their sworned duties to our country. They are our brave and honorable soldiers and police men.

While others are busy preparing for Christmas, bonding with families and friends in the park or even shopping in malls, our dear soldiers and police men are the ones securing those people, securing the city and all over the province so that families can celebrate Christmas peacefully and safe.

Their duties and responsibilities to the people did not hinder them to still celebrate the Christmas season with their second families, their colleagues in the service.

Like the Belen, everyone is dreaming for a complete family especially in this special occasion. But this is not possible to all specially to those people behind bars. Bienvinido Catian, 63 years old and one of the detainees in the Provincial Jail and Reformatory Center, shared that celebrating Christmas outside and inside the Provincial Jail and Reformatory Center differs a lot. Before, when he was still living his life as a free man, he used to celebrate Christmas together with his family and they used to go to the beach to continue the celebration. But after he was detained in the Provincial Jail and Reformatory Center, there are moments when he was not visited by his wife and son especially during Christmas. Though Christmas is still festive within the quarters of the said reformatory center, for them, there’s nothing like celebrating it with their families.

Although our soldiers, police and other law enforcers are performing their duties during this festive celebration, seeing other families celebrating happily, they are still happy to do their job and serve the people. As for Bienvinido Catian and the rest of the detainees in the Provincial Jail and Reformatory Center, they are still hoping that one day they will be given a chance to celebrate Christmas with their families and in their own home.