WEMRIC Pagadian City Pres. Terrence Pulmones (left) and WEMRIC Federated Pres. Mayor

Christmas Party and Agri Tour : A Kick-off Celebration for this Month's Festivity

Dec 9, 2016 Others

WEMRIC Zamboanga del Sur is known for their fun, entertaining and educational programs, parties and similar events. This year’s Christmas Party is not an exception.

December 1, 2016, the women organization welcomed the last month of the year with a Christmas Party held at Pagadian City Executive Hall with Mayor Romeo “Tata” Pulmones and wife WEMRIC Pagadian City President Terrence Chi-Chi Pulomes as the host of the party. The spouses Pulmones are very thankful to all the women who have celebrated the special occasion with them. Mayor Pulmones in particular has expressed how grateful he is to the organization who has contributed a lot in the community and in the field of agriculture.

The event was also graced by the presence of one of the most powerful and influential woman in the province of Zamboanga del Sur Congresswoman Aurora Enerio Cerilles. Being an advocate of empowering women, the 2nd District Representative would never miss an event of the WEMRIC Federation. I her speech she congratulated all the WEMRIC members and officials, especially the federation’s president Mayor Junaflor “Sweet” Cerilles for a job well done. She also recognized the promptness of the women especially when it comes to agriculture and other livelihood activities.

 The event, according to WEMRIC Pagadian City President Terrence Chi-Chi Pulomes, is a kick-off celebration of WEMRIC to this month’s festivity. And it is also a fellowship of strong empowered women leaders from around the province of Zamboanga del Sur celebrating the goodness of our Lord for the very fruitful year 2016.

And as a part of their Christmas party, they also had an agri-tour at the Demonstration Farm in Danlugan, Pagadian City. It is a demonstration farm on Organic Agriculture. It is a proof that when it comes to WEMRIC, women and agriculture cannot be separated.

Upon closing the celebration, WEMRIC Federation President Junaflor “Sweet” Cerilles thanked her WEMRIC Family for their promptness and for being dedicated to the cause of the organization. She also gave thanks to all Provincial Governor Antonio Cerilles together with all the city and municipal mayors for supporting the WEMRIC Federation.