Congresswoman Aurora E. Cerilles turning over classroom building together with the Local Officials of Tabina headed by Mayor Fruby Dayondon.

Congresswoman Aurora Enerio Cerilles Turn Over School Building in Tabina

Mar 26, 2017 Infrastructures

Punong Barangay Cepriano Acain of Barangay Doña Josefina, Punong Barangay Gabriel Patian of Barangay Mabuhay, Baganian Elementary School Head Filmor U. Macion Jr., Doña Josefina Elementary School Principal Erlinda Yap, Mahayag Elementary School Principal Edwina Rodriguez, and other faculty and barangay officials.

Right after the Blessing and Turn-over Ceremony, classes were held at the new building. And it is noticeable in the faces of the students that they are happy and comfortable in their new class rooms.

Mayor Fruby Paran-Dayondon and all the faculty and staffs of said schools are very grateful for the new school buildings that would accommodate more students.

Congw. Aurora Enerio Cerilles has been doing this for a very long time. These only show how supportive she is in giving quality education in her district.

2ND District Representative Hon. Aurora Enerio Cerilles recently turned over 1 unit 2 Class Room Building in three schools in Tabina, Zamboanga del Sur.

On March 21, 2017, Congresswoman Aurora Enerio Cerilles together with the Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH) and Department of Education officials visited the Municipality of Tabina, Zamboanga del Sur for a Blessing and Turn-over of 1 Unit 2 Class Room Building each in Baganian Elementary School, Doña Josefina Elementary School and in Mabuhay Elementary School.

The school building is a DPWH project through the efforts and initiative of the 2nd District Representative. The project was started last year, 2016 and now, it is open and ready cater the students of the above mentioned schools.

Also, present on the said event were Mayor Fruby Paran-Dayondon, Punong Barangay Joy Dayondon of Barangay Baganian.