Governor Cerilles Urged to Strengthen the Basic Education as the Foundation of Every Child

Oct 9, 2017 Education

The re-engineering program of the province of Zamboanga del Sur under the Seven Point Agenda of the present provincial administration aims to provide quality and affordable education to its constituency all throughout the province. That is why Governor Tony Cerilles always urged to strengthen the basic education which is the foundation of every child. 

Thus, he is looking for a solution to the problem of multigrade in the province. This is the present major problem of the Department of Education, Zamboanga del Sur division and this resulted to low ratings on quality education.

Multigrade teaching involves the teaching of children from two or more grade levels in one classroom and in our province we have a total of 599 multi-grade classes. But, this is also based on the planning standard ofthe Teacher-Learner Ratio which is 1:45. For schools with lesser population or enrolment classes of different levels were clustered to accommodate learners in that school considering the number of teachers assigned/deployed in the school is based on the enrolment and to the planning standard.

Aside from the numbers of enrolees, lack of teachers is also one of the reasons of multigrade classes. A total of 248 teacher shortage in public schools from Kinder to Grade 6 and 37 in secondary level in the whole Zamboanga del Sur. 

In this connection, Governor Tony Cerilles wants to augment teachers that are local paid in order to supplement those lacking teachers to minimize multigrade classes.

Furthermore, we need to add classrooms for our schools because in our province, we have a total of 1, 284 classroom shortage and 2, 342 for classrooms that needs major repair. We need to give our children an area that is conducive for their learning and achieve the quality education they need.