Governor Tony, Congratulates New Lawyers

May 27, 2017 Others

JH Cerilles State College-College of Law has been very successful in producing new Lawyers in the province. Just recently, the College got 71.43% passing rate for the 2016 Bar Examination.

The Philippine Bar Examination is a professional exam exclusively supervised by the Supreme Court of the Philippines. It conducts the Bar examinations pursuant to Article VIII, section 5 of the Constitution which provide that it shall have the power to promulgate rules governing the admission to the practice of law.

On November 6, 13, 20, and 27, 2016, six thousand three hundred forty-four (6,344) took the most prestigious professional licensure examination in the country. On May 3, 2017, the agony of waiting has ended when the Supreme Court have released the result for the 2016 bar exam. Three thousand seven hundred forty-seven (3,747) or 59.06% victoriously passed the Bar.

Out of eight (8) Bar Examinees for the 2016 Bar Exam, five (5) of whom has successfully passed the Bar, to wit: ATTY. LIEZEL MAE SAGGA; ATTY. BLESILA MANAOIS-RABAGO; ATTY. JUNSANLY IMBING ITUMAY; ATTY. JAMES S. BOLLOZOS; and ATTY. SHINE NOVEL L. SAIPUDIN.

In an interview, the new lawyers of JHCSC College of Law expressed their heartfelt gratitude to Governor Antonio H. Cerilles for creating an affordable law school in the province. They are very thankful to him for providing them and other aspirant an opportunity to fulfill their dreams to become lawyers.

They are also thankful to all the lawyers, prosecutors and judges who became their mentors in studying law. In taking the bar, according to them, they have appreciated their mentors for their strictness in class because they were able to recall what they have learned in their class.

And to the people who have supported them, especially their families, ATTY. LIEZEL MAE SAGGA, ATTY. BLESILA MANAOIS-RABAGO, ATTY. JUNSANLY IMBING ITUMAY, ATTY. JAMES S. BOLLOZOS, and ATTY. SHINE NOVEL L. SAIPUDIN are very thankful and indebted to you all.