“If this is my Fate of going against Federalism and Illegal Quarrying in this Province, so be it” – Governor Cerilles

Nov 24, 2017 Others

“If this is my fate of going against federalism and illegal quarrying in this province, so be it”. This is the firm stand of Governor Antonio Cerilles on his local TV and Radio program after the withdrawal of his Napolcom Deputation on the eve of November 6, 2017 through Napolcom Resolution No. 2017-571 entitled: “Withdrawing the Power of Operational Supervision and Control over the PNP of Governor Antonio Cerilles of Zamboanga del Sur.”

“I can smell politics with this suspension just to silence from opposing federalism, but I will be more vocal with my stand”, he said that his strong stand against federalism and illegal quarrying in the province are the most possible reason behind this suspension.

“I cannot support this system that violates the Law of Land, and this is the step towards disintegration of Filipinos”, he emphasized Federalism is not the solution to poverty and conflict in the country especially in Mindanao, it is the enhancing of the Local Government Code to strengthen local autonomy in which the National Government has never imposed to give what is due to the local government units revenue share, he clarified.

“ They can’t take away something they never given to me”, according to him the Governor has no such power of operational control and supervision over the Philippine National Police (PNP) units in his territorial jurisdiction.  This power belongs to the city and municipal mayors as provided for in Section 51, letter (b) of R.A. 6975, as amended.

“It is clearly stated in the provision that the Provincial Governor as the Chairman of the Provincial Peace and order Council only has the power to choose the Provincial Director and to oversee the Provincial Public Safety Plan Implementation and nothing to do with the powers neither to control nor supervise PNP units under my control”, he reiterated.

“As we implement desiltation program to rehabilitate our devastated rivers all over the province due to the massive illegal quarrying which a certain contractor turned politician has benefited for long period of time from this illegal activity, the sand and gravel aggregates excavated from the clogged rivers for smooth flow unto irrigation systems  that were sold with this rehabilitation program has accumulated near Php 30, 000.000.00 starting from the month of June up to November this year as certified and signed by the Provincial Treasurers Office”. “Nothing goes to my own pocket”, he emphasized.

“ I don’t understand about this confidential report outlining the “abuse of authority”, I have no pending case with DILG neither with the Ombudsman”, in fact the Province of Zamboanga del Sur was declared by the DILG itself, AFP, and PNP as Peaceful and Ready for Further Development Province just recently”, he said.

“As the Chairman of the Provincial Peace and Order Council, and as the elected Governor by the people of Zamboanga del Sur, I will continue to serve the people who chose and believe in me. To make this province peaceful and an ideal place to live with, for the benefit of our younger generations”, he concluded.