JHCSC Produced another Successful Teachers

Dec 16, 2017 Education

Josefina Herrera Cerilles State College (JHCSC) produced another batch of successful teachers as 138 Elementary and 170 Secondary examinees garnered the passing rates of the September 2017 Licensure Examination for Teachers conducted last September 24, 2017. 

As announced, 21,198 elementary teachers out of 80,509 examinees (26.33%) and 49,626 secondary teachers out of 107,020 examinees (46.37%) successfully passed the exams all over the country. PRC said that of the 21,198 passers in elementary level, 19,581 are first timers and 1,617 are repeaters while 41,180 secondary teachers passers are first timers and 8,446 are repeaters.

For Elementary level, 6 successful teachers made it from Bayog External Studies Unit, 1 from Canuto MS Enerio Campus, 1 from Dimataling Campus, 8 from Dumalinao Annex, 21 from Dumingag Campus, 7 from Josefina ESU, 2 from Kumalarang ESU, another 4 from Lapuyan External Studies Unit, 5 from Mahayag ESU, 6 successful examinees from the Main Campus, 17 from Margosatubig ESU, 6 from Midsalip ESU, 5 from Molave Annex, 7 from Pitogo Annex, another 7 examinees from Ramon Magsaysay and San Pablo ESU, 4 from Sominot External Studies Unit, 3 from Tabina ESU, 2 examinees made it from Tambulig ESU, another 8 from Tigbao ESU, 8 examinees also made successful from Tukuran ESU and 3 from Vincenzo Sagun ESU.

For Secondary level, 13 successful examinees passed the exam from Bayog External Studies Unit, 5 from Canuto MS Enerio Campus, 35 examinees from Dumingag Campus, 1 from Molave Annex, 2 from Aurora Annex, 5 from Mahayag ESU, another 5 from Dinas Annex, 15 from Dumalinao Annex, 50 successful teachers from the Main Campus, 2 from Ramon Magsaysay ESU, 3 from San Pablo External Studies Unit, another 6 from Tabina ESU, 10 examinees passed from Tambulig ESU, another one from Tigbao ESU, 15 from Tukuran External Studies Unit and 2 successful teachers from Vincenzo Sagun ESU.

There are 308 examinees from JHCSC who passed the LET in both Elementary and Secondary and the school administration is looking forward for more successful professionals to be produce as they continue giving quality but affordable education to every Zambosurians.