Body of the slained NOH Ambul.

Neutralization of Noh Ambul: Evidence of the Strength of the PPOC of Zamboanga Del Sur

Nov 27, 2016 Others

The Provincial Peace and Order Council (PPOC) plays a vital role in maintaining the peace and order situation in the province. The following are some of the PPOC’s duties and responsibilities, to wit: to provide forum for dialogue and deliberation of issues and problems affecting the peace and order; to monitor the implementation of peace and order programs and projects at the provincial level; make periodic assessments of the prevailing peace and order situation in their respective areas of responsibility and submit a report there on with recommendations to the Chairman of the NPOC; to receive complaints against government personnel, civilian, or military, and endorse the same to the agency concerned and demand/compel such agency to submit reports of action taken thereon; recommend measures which will improve or enhance peace and order and public safety; recommend measures to converge and orchestrate internal security operational operations efforts of civil authorities; and perform all other functions assigned by law, the President or the NPOC.

Through the strong leadership of Governor Antonio H. Cerilles the Provincial Peace and Order Council has strengthen its force to secure the province and its people from all kinds of criminality. Evident to the joint efforts of the Provincial Government, Armed

Forces of the Philippines, Philippine National Police and all local government officials in the province is the recent slaying of the most wanted lawless group leader Norhan “Noh” Ambol.

On Monday Nov 21, 2016 around 8:45 am at Purok 4, Guinicolalay Dinas, an army vehicle was ambushed by unidentified armed men where 2Lt. Joseph Cartajena died on the spot and 2 other soldiers were heavily wounded. Day after the ambush the lawless group of Noh Ambol and Anwar Ansang was identified to be responsible for the said ambush. For this reason, joint forces of the Armed Forces of the Philippines 53rd Infantry Battalion headed by LtCol. Virgilio Hamos Jr. and Provincial PNP headed by Provincial Director Atty. Sophronio Ecaldre planned a massive operation in the Municipality of Dinas.

Saturday, November 26, 2016, around 1:30 in the afternoon, the soldiers led by 2Lt Oliver Carmen were conducting hot pursuit operation to track down lawless elements who ambushed the army vehicle of 2Lt. Joseph Cartajena. Brief encounter ensued between the troops and the armed men which resulted to the death of Norhan Ambol.

Though Norhan Ambol, leader of the lawless group, was slain, Governor Antonio H. Cerilles wants the operation in Dinas to continue because the members of the group are still free and other lawless group still exists.

During the meeting of the PPOC, the Governor asked LtCol. Hamos and PD Ecaldre to continue the operations in Dinas. He also called the attention of the Municipal Mayors of the neighboring municipalities of Dinas to cooperate with the massive operation by securing their municipalities and strengthen their local law enforcers.

In an interview, Provincial Board Member and Peace and Order Committee Chairperson Belman Mantos called for the cooperation of all the people of the province of Zamboanga del Sur to the government forces to attain peace and order, because Peace, according to him, is not only a responsibility of our leaders but it is also a responsibility of the people.