Drug pushers caught by PDEA.

PNP ZDS Vows to 100% Drug Free Province Target

Jan 19, 2017 Peace & Order

The Provincial Director also revealed that 85.3% of all the Barangays in the province are now cleared from drugs. This is because of their Oplan Taphang or Tapok Hangyo. Oplan Taphang is a barangay clearing operation. Oplan Taphang is quite different to that of Oplan Tokhang wherein police officers visit the houses of suspected drug personalities and ask them to mend their ways. In Oplan TapHang however, all the drug personalities in a certain barangay are gathered together in one venue by the PNP and will be asked to stop on the illegal act.

Because of the strong campaign against drugs of the Zamboanga del Sur Police Provincial Office in partnership with the all the local government units in the province and other stakeholders, the incarceration of drug personalities has been successful. Psupt. Modhin Pantaran revealed that from 638 drug personalities in their wanted list only 91 of whom are still at-large. The same is true to the 30 identified drug leaders in the province, which is now reduced to only 8 drug leaders since the Zamboanga del Sur PNP have already caught 22 of the above-mentioned drug personalities.

The Philippine National Police (PNP) has expanded its anti-illegal drug campaign through Oplan Double Barrel Alpha. In Oplan Double Barrel Alpha, they have expanded the anti-illegal drug campaign and now include schools, factories, and the entertainment industry.

Thus, Provincial Director Ecaldre is challenging the Chiefs of Police in the province to continue the campaign against illegal drugs and strengthen more their force to apprehend the remaining drug personalities in their watch and wanted list. And to those people who are involved in any way to illegal drugs, the Provincial Director is asking them to surrender to the authorities because if they will not surrender, the Philippine national police of the province will do the necessary action to apprehend them.

Zamboanga del Sur Police Provincial Director Atty. Sophronio Ecaldre proudly disclosed, in an interview, that as of December 31, 2016 Zamboanga del with more than 18,000 surrenderees.