Engr. Ramon Rodrigo Jr. the newly appointed Provincial Administrator.

Provincial Government of Zamboanga Del Sur Appoints New Provincial Administrator

Dec 31, 2016 Others

The Provincial Administrator has a big role in the organization and administration of the provincial government. He is the one responsible for coordinating the work of all the offices under the supervision, direction and control of the Provincial Governor.

He is responsible for establishing and maintaining a reasonable and fitting personnel program, consistent with the merit and career system of the Civil Service Commission. He is also charged with the conduct of organizational development activities of the province, including the planning and implementation of administrative and management development programs. Provide leadership in the delivery of administrative support services particularly during times of calamities and disasters.

The Provincial Administrator will attend to other various internal and external clients as necessary and directed by the office of the Provincial Governor.

For a progressive province, like the Province of Zamboanga del Sur, it is likely to have a visionary and excellent Governor partnered with a reliable and responsible Provincial Administrator. The past Administrator of the Provincial Government has shown great dedication to the office and performs his duties and responsibilities more than what’s asked from him.

Now, as the province continues its journey towards a progressive future, a new Provincial Administrator has been appointed to carry on the job that the previous ones have started, in the person of Engr. Ramon Rodrigo Jr.

Engr. Ramon Rodrigo Jr., has been working in the province for more than seventeen (17) years now. He was then a Community Assistant I, an Agricultural Technologist, and Supervising Agriculturist and then became the Provincial Assessor on October 13, 2013. Then just recently, Engr. Rodrigo was appointed as the new Provincial Administrator of the Provincial Government of Zamboanga del Sur.