Sominot Mayor Acosta passes away, Vice Mayor Melo assumes post

Jan 29, 2017 Others

Due to kidney failure followed by other complications newly elect Sominot Municipal Mayor Teodoro Hiyolen Acosta at the age of 56 has passed away on the eve of January 13, 2016 at Quezon City, Metro Manila.Mayor Acosta who served as the chief executive officer of Sominot town after a landslide victory last 2016 electionswas not able to finish the first term as he suffered an ailment which causes his untimely death early this month.

In his radio program, Governor Tony Cerilles along with all the leaders and officials of the province extends his heartfelt condolences to the bereaved family of late Mayor Acosta to which he emphasized as one of the exemplar leaders in the political arena of Zamboanga del Sur and stressed that his death is a great loss to all of us.

Late Mayor Acosta who was also a three termer mayor in the past year 2007 until 2013 is one of the dynamic leaders of Sominot that transformed the town into a progressive, peaceful and more developed municipality of the first district of Zamboanga del Sur. He also initiated reforms and programs that made the town as one of the tourist attractions in the province as well as introducing homegrown agriculture products and produce that has boostedtheir local economy.

Christopher Lumantaw and Allen Rey Ebasan 2016 Let Passers from Dumalinao, ZDS. Let Passers of JHCSC Dumalinao Campus. As rule of succession dictates, elected Vice Mayor Johnriel Damas Melo assumes the post as the newly appointed chief executive of Sominot Local Government Unit after he sworn to office before the members of Sangguniang Bayan and officially inducted by no less than Zamboanga del Sur Provincial Governor Antonio H. Cerilles last Monday January 16.

Now Mayor Melo has served as towns’ vice mayor since 2013 and as well as Sangguniang Bayan member since 2007. The young yet competent new chief executive of Sominot will assume to office effectively as mandated by law up until 2019 to continue what the late Mayor Acosta has started to serve at his very best for further improvement and progress of the people of Sominot.

Along with newly appointed Mayor Melo that was formally inducted by Gov. Cerilles is newly appointed Vice Mayor Ernesto Angcay together with the members of the Sannguniang Bayan of Sominot town Hon. Noemie James Ii Damas, Hon. Marcos Mangubat, Hon. Charita Bontong, Hon. Cesario Oñez Jr., Hon. Cerilo Mingo, Hon. Ranel Campomanes, Hon. Romeo Mainar Sr., and newly appointed SB member Hon. Stephen Acosta, son of the late Mayor Acosta and the former towns’ chief executive.