Christopher Lumantaw and Allen Rey Ebasan 2016 Let Passers from Dumalinao, ZDS.

Two of the 2016 LET Passers are Pioneers from JHCSC Dumalinao

Jan 28, 2017 Education

207 JHCSC Graduates successfully passed the Licensure Examination for Teacher given last September 25, 2016. Among the 207, two of the passers are pioneers from JHCSC Dumalinao in the name of Cristopher Lumantaw and Allen Rey Ebasan.

Cristopher Lumantaw, a resident of Paglaum Dumalinao, Zamboanga del Sur, is a son of a Tuba Gatherer. He is living in a humble living condition. As a matter of fact, their family is one of the beneficiaries of Mayor Junaflor’s solar light because the mayor learned that they don’t have electricity. In fact, Cristopher finished college using only a lamp to study his lessons.

He disclosed that he was a studying in one of the colleges in Pagadian City before he decided to study at JHCSC Dumalinao. Because of financial problem, according to him, he was forced to give up his studies at his previous college. Fortunately, JHCSC opened an extension campus in the Municipality of Dumalinaoand upon hearing about it he did not second guess and enrolled in the said college.

Studying at JHCSC made him realized that students don’t need any more to go to bigger cities to study because JHCSC can provide the kind of education that other state colleges and universities can provide. JHCSC according to him offers high quality education with competent and efficient teachers.

He is currently connected with the women organization in the province, the WEMRIC Zamboanga del Sur, as part time communications officer. He is also working full time as a staff of Dumalinao Mayor Junaflor Cerilles.

As he passed the LET he can now say that all his hardship in school and in life has paid off.

Also a resident of Paglaum Dumalinao, Allen Rey Ebasan, a son of a retired teacher, has been victorious in the recent Licensure Examination for Teachers. In an interview he shared his life story that according to him is a bet complicated. He grew in a broken family. His father left them when he was still young. His mother, a teacher back then, was very devastated with the separation to the point that she resigned from teaching. So, Allen and his two siblings grew under the supervision and care of their grandfather.

While other young people who are in the same situation as him, are turning into drugs to get away with all the complications and family problems, Allen, at a very young age, has been working to help support his mother and two siblings. When he graduated high school he did not intend to pursue college anymore because of their financial paucity but rather cover himself with different jobs to put food in the table and support the family. Though his father is also supporting them financially, it was not enough for them to support on his studies and that of his siblings.

It was then when they heard about the opening of JHCSC at Dumalinao that he decided to finally pursue college. While studying at JHCSC at night, he was working at his uncle’s welding shop in the day to sustain his studies. He was also supported by his mother in his other fees in school. A municipal employee of Dumalinao in the person of Hermes Cabanes was a huge help on his studies financially, on his assignments and in other matters.

Even with financial scarcity he stayed positive in life. He worked hard to finish college so that he can change his life and that of his family. Because for him poverty is never a hindrance to reach ones dream and succeed.

When he saw his name in the list of LET passers, according to him, he cannot explain how he felt that day. He cannot even believe it the first time because he passed the LET for just one take.

With this,Cristopher Lumantaw and Allen Rey Ebasan are very grateful to the Cerilles Family especially to Governor Antonio H. Cerilles for bringing JHCSC at their doorstep. And because of this a lot of lives were change and continue changing for the better.