Unifast Law: Free Tuition Fee for Higher Education Covers Other Fees as Well

Nov 10, 2017 Education

Dr. Mary Jocelyn Battung, Vice President for Academic Affairs of JH Cerilles State College on Monday, October 16, 2017, has attended the consultation meeting at PICC on the Implementing Rules and Regulations (IRR) of the UNIFAST LAW which is, according to Dr. Battung, a new law under RA 10931.

Under the new law, not only will the student be liberated from paying tuition fees, it also includes other fees like entrance fees, admission fees, registration fees and other similar or related fees, she added.  For those institutions who will still collect such fees will have to face sanctions and penalties. But necessary fees for the school and/or for certain courses offered by the school may be allowed to be collected from students provided the parents-teacher association and the board of the institution will be consulted about the said fees.

Such privileges under the new law according to Dr. Battung will be availed by students who will enroll to CHED recognized institutions. For JH Cerilles State College she added that there are three (3) organic campuses who are recognized by the Commission on Higher Education, to wit: JHCSC MATI MAIN CAMPUS, CANOTO M.S ENERIO – integrated to JH CERILLES STATE COLLEGE and JHCSC DUMINGAG. What the JHCSC Board did to accommodate a total of more or less 13,000 students from all JHCSC campuses and ESUs, all ESUs located near the organic campuses will enroll their students on the said campus.  And to make the upcoming enrollment faster and easier for these ESUs, JHCSC will be having an online enrollment, the schedule for this will be announced by the school. But parents and students should not worried because classes will still be held in their respective JHCSC ESUs, she explained. 

DR. Battung pointed out that it is very imperative to the ESUs to follow the instructions from the main campus regarding the enrollment of their students. Because the National Treasury will give the budget to CHED then CHED will allocate budget to the State Colleges and Universities for the enrolled students, those who will not be enrolled in the recognized institution will not avail the free education under the UNIFAST Law.

In an interview Provincial Governor Antonio H. Cerilles said that he is glad that there is a system made for the students especially those less fortunate ones for them to continue studying in college and there will be no reason for them to stop school because of poverty because of the FREE Tertiary Education.