Zamboanga del Sur 90% Compliant for the Seal of Good Local Governance

Jul 4, 2017 Social Services

Officials from the Department of the Interior and Local Government or DILG visited the province on June 27, 2017 for the Assessment for the Seal of Good Local Governance. They were welcomed by Governor Antonio H. Cerilles and all the head of offices of the provincial government.

The Seal of Good Local Governance (SGLG) is an annual recognition given by the Department of Interior Local Government (DILG) to local government units (LGU) with outstanding performance in key areas of governance. In order to pass the SGLG, each local government must pass the “3+1” principle which compose of three “core” components, i.e. the Good Financial Housekeeping; Disaster Preparedness; and Social Protection and one from the “essential” components, i.e. Business Friendliness and Competitiveness; Peace and Order; and Environmental Management.

For 2017, the Department of the Interior and Local Government raises its overall assessment criteria to “4+1”. This means that to qualify for the seal, the LGU has to pass all four core areas as, Financial Administration, Disaster Preparedness, Social Protection and Peace and Order. Also, under essential areas are Tourism, Culture and the Arts, among others.

Winning the over-all seal means that the well-performing local government is eligible to receive more national funding, such as grants from the Performance Challenge Fund.

Since the launching of the SGLG program of the DILG, the provincial government of Zamboanga del Sur has been consistent in complying all the requirements of the DILG and has been a constant recipient of the Seal of Good Local Governance.

As of June 27, 2017, based on the assessment conducted by the DILG, the Province of Zamboanga del Sur is 90% compliant to the requirements of the DILG. The new core area of the SGLG, the Peace and Order, was already complied by the province. The remaining 10% as of June 29, 2017, was already submitted by the province.

These only means one thing, that the province has a towering chance to bagged the 2017 Seal of Good Local Governance.