Gov. Tony Cerilles delivering his speech infront of the students of ZDS Provincial Government College during its 5th Founding Anniversary

Zamboanga del Sur Provincial Government College Celebrates 5th Founding Anniversary

Mar 10, 2017 Education

Students, faculty and staffs of Zamboanga del Sur Provincial Government College, including its stakeholders and partners gathered at Megayon Stage, Provincial Government Complex, Dao, Pagadian City on March 8, 2017 to celebrate the schools founding anniversary.

Gracing the event was Provincial Governor Antonio H. Cerilles, the man who started it all, the man who has a great vision when it comes to education and such vision he put into action.

On the year 2012 Zamboanga del Sur Provincial Government College (ZDSPGC) was created through Provincial Ordinance No. 021-2012 and formally opened on 2013. When it was opened it initially offered Bachelor of Science in Agriculture. Now, Zamboanga del Sur Provincial Government College has an additional 4-year courses such as Bachelor of Science in Technical Teachers Education (BTTE), Bachelor of Physical Education (BPE) and Bachelor of Science in Information System (BSIS).

In his speech, Governor Antonio H. Cerilles put in plain words why they’ve created the Provincial Government College despite the existence of JH Cerilles State College (JHCSC) and other existing Colleges. First, other Colleges are not offering courses that are not palatable to the students. Second, JHCSC primarily focused on Education. But since there are a lot of other courses that JHCSC and other existing Colleges cannot offer, the Provincial Government of Zamboanga del Sur, through the initiative of the governor, opted to create an institution to cater those courses, thus, the ZDSPGC.

The ZDSPGC, according to him, will complement to the program of the province that they will send young people to Japan. He added that students of ZDSPGC will be given priority for employment in Japan.

During the program, Dr. Mary Jocelyn V. Battung – Vice President for Academic Affairs and JHCSC/ZDSPGC Consultant congratulated the college for the successful 5 years of its operation. She proudly disclosed that the ZDSPGC is the only provincial ran college in the Region and in the Philippines.