Gov. Cerilles receives NQCAA plaque and cash incentive as Most Outstanding Province along with Most Outstanding Prov’l Agriculturist Dr. Sabellano and Most Outstanding Prov’l Corn Coordinator Ms. Yolanda Enriquez.

Zambosur Bags National Quality Corn Achievers Award as Most Outstanding Province

Nov 10, 2016 Livelihood

The Provincial Government of Zamboanga del Sur under the leadership of Gov. Tony Cerilles through the Provincial Agriculturist Office has been declared as the Outstanding Province in the National Corn Achievers awards by Philippine Maize Federation, Incorporated (PHILMAIZE) in partnership with the Department of Agriculture(D.A) in the coming 12th National Corn Congress in conjunction with the 4th National Corn Achievers Awards this coming November 16-18, 2016 at the Farm in Carpenter Hill Koronadal City, South Cotabato.

The said activity is spearheaded by the Philmaize with the support of the Department of Agriculture in its quest to disseminate information on government programs, farmer’s welfare, technology advancement which boost corn quality, and productivity.

As an Outstanding Province, PLG of Zamboanga del Sur has received monetary incentives for farm inputs (seeds and fertilizers) and corn grain prize support in the amount of Php 3,000,000 as proposed by the latter as submitted to the Agricultural Traning Institute (ATI), Diliman, Quezon City.

In addition, our very own Provincial Agriculturist Dr. Joel M. Sabellano Jr. was also declared as one of the Most Outstanding Provincial Agriculturist nationwide while our Provincial Corn Coordinator, Ms. Yolanda L. Enriquez was also declared as Most Outstanding Provincial Corn Coordinator. The three mentioned above will receive cash awards in their respective categories. Dr. Sabellano will receive Php 40,000 cash prize while Enriquez will receive Php 30,000 cash prize as national awardees.

Along this line, two municipalities from Zamboanga del Sur was also declared as Outstanding Municipalities in corn production namely Mahayag and San Miguel town who both received monetary award amounting Php 1,000,000 each. Likewise each respective Municipal Agriculturist Antipaz E. Colcol of Mahayag and Alicio A. Pabiran of San Miguel was also declared as Outstanding Municipal Agriculturists who both received Php 30,000 cash prize individually.

The same recognition was also awarded to the Municipal Corn Coordinators of the said towns namely Neri A. Frigillano of Mahayag and Leonila T. Martinez of San Miguel who received with the Php 25,000 each as cash award as Outstanding Municipal Coordinators.

Base on the data from the Department of Agriculture through the Municipal Agriculturist Office that was validated and concurred by the Philippine Statistics Authority the province of Zamboanga del Sur has avery efficient and excellent average yield of 3.73 tons per hectare in terms of yellow corn production and 1.73 tons per hectare in terms of white corn production.

Statistics shows that Zamboanga del Sur has a corn physical area of 38,679 hectares with an effective area of 76,207 hectares in which the province has an proficient contribution of 63 percent yellow corn production same as to white corn production of 63 percent all throughout Zamboanga peninsula.

Physical and chemical analysis also confirmed that the corn from the province is free from aflatoxin, a poisonous and cancer  causing chemicals that are produced by certain molds (Aspergillusflavus and Aspergillusparasiticus) which grow in soil, decaying vegetation, hay, and grains.

Lastly, the corn produced in the province was affirmed by the evaluators as high quality and premium grade of grains to which the said attributions has made the province acclaimed as one of the most outstanding province in these years National Quality Corn Achievers Award.

This year’s theme, Sulong Maisan, Sapa na Pagkain ng Bayan illustrates the significant moving forward partnerships among government and people towards achieving food sufficiency in the country. The event is also a tool in conveying and discussing relevant issues of the corn industry. It also aims to gather and consolidate all key player and stakeholders, share best farm practices, showcase modern farm equipment’s technologies and market linkages.