PCC Guipos employee extract fresh milk from the upgraded Murrah Buffalo.

Zambosur Carabao Center now Exceedingly Produces Fresh Milk, Boost Provincial Athletes, A local Economic Enterprise

Feb 14, 2017 Livelihood

Since the establishment of the Provincial Carabao Center(PCC) of the Provincial Government of Zamboanga del Sur way back in year 2001, the center has now consistently producing over 50 liters of fresh milk per week which boost and energizes student-athletes of Zamboanga del Sur Provincial Sports Academy (ZDSPSA) and now considered as one of the provinces’ economic enterprise.

According to PCC and Livestock Upgrading Program Head of the Provincial Veterinary Office (ProVet) Provincial Artificial Insemination Coordinator Espacio Tomarong the center at present has eight (8) milking Bulgarian Murrah Buffaloes that produces an average of 5 to 7 liters of milk a day individually.

The produced milk are supplied to the sports academy athletes that only requires 30 liters weekly as energy supplement for their daily routines and also boost mental alertness since it is a good source of protein, iron, calcium, and other minerals that beneficial for growth.

As the milk production at present is constantly increasing, extra produced milk out of the required 30 liters for the academy are frozen and stored at the Provincial Veterinary Office for marketing as now one of the provinces’ local economic enterprise produce, he said.

The fresh milk that are collected from the buffaloes are first sanitized at the center and undergo through a process called pasteurization in order to remove contaminants and pathogens to make it safe to drink before packing, transporting and marketing, he added.

According to him, the rise of milk production of the center at present was realized because of the improved pasture and forage management system for the animal’s staple food source since the estimated enhanced 18.23 hectares land area of the center located at Guipos town is near To completion. The area were planted with various kinds of grasses and legumes to compliment animal’s nourishment using cut and carry feeding method and also grazing. The whole area were made into paddocks or small enclosure where animals are brought for foraging day by day as scheduled so that the grasses will not be consumed abruptly and it can be utilized systematically that will last year round.

Every afternoon as the herd will be brought back to the milking stall or barn, they are still fed with grasses and legumes as well as other supplements. In this way, the animals are well nourished and fed thus in return the animals yields greater milk production and reproduces more efficiently.

Among those grasses and legumes found in the enclosed area of the center are kudzu, indigofera, centrosema, signal, tali, Napier, and carabao grass.

As of 2017, the number of buffaloes that were reproduced through Artificial Insemination (A.I) procedure using high quality and breed stocks under the livestock upgrading program of their respective office has now reached to 29 heads of Bulgarian Murrah Buffaloes and still increasing.

The initial 11 buffalo herd of the center that was availed from the Philippine Carabao Center(PCC) at Central Mindanao University(CMU), Musuan, Bukidnon way back year 2011 has now reached to almost 30 heads as of this time and are expected to reproduce more as more of the female buffaloes are pregnant and some are now ready for breeding.

In conclusion, he expound that the achievement and development attained by the Provincial Carabao Center was made possible through hard work and sacrifices made by the work office of their respective office headed by OIC- Provincial Veterinarian and concurrent OIC- Provincial Agriculturist Dr. Joel Sabellano Jr. And evidently through the dynamic leadership of Provincial Governor Antonio Cerilles that continually sees the unceasing improvement and progress of the agriculture sector using new and advance technologies and knowledge to capacitate sustainable development in this part of the country.