Governor Cerilles together with ZDSMC Management in a press conference held at Zamboanga del Sur Medical Center.

ZDSMC Management Answers False Allegation about the Pre-term Baby

Mar 25, 2017 Health

An issue at Zamboanga del Sur Medical Center arises last March 19, 2017 when a 23-week old pre-mature baby girl was delivered and declared as dead but when the father returned the baby to their home at Brgy. Macasing, Pagadian City, this suddenly revived. It was then sent back to hospital for proper observation and immediate remedy yet the assigned doctor said that the chance of survival is minimal and after a few hours, the baby was pronounce dead.

The ZDSMC management conducted press conference together with Governor Antonio H. Cerilles to answer and shed light to the said issue. The Chief of Hospital Dra. Ma. Rovel Blancia explained it comprehensively from the beginning.

On March 15, 2017, the 26-year old mother visited the Obgyne for it was already 3 days when she was experiencing contraction and decided to be admitted at ZDSMC. Since the baby was only 23 weeks old or more than 5 months in a mother’s womb, it needs to be fully developed inside so the doctor gives medication to avoid miscarriage. Unfortunately at 10:15 in the evening on March 18, 2017 the baby was spontaneously delivered. The baby was hardly breathing so they informed the mother about the situation and the mother already accepted it. According to studies, a fetus born before 23 weeks cannot survive outside the mother’s womb because the various systems and organs of their body are not yet fully developed and since it was less than 26 weeks, the hospital cannot give aggressive treatment to the baby because it is still premature.

Dra. Garde, the Pediatrician, take good care of the baby and let it warm but after 3-4 hours the baby died because of the absence of heart rate. They informed the father immediately and at 5am on March 19, 2017 the father returned to their place together with the dead baby. Around 9:10 in the morning the same day, the baby was returned back to the hospital because the family notices a movement and little heart rate to it.

According to the Pediatrician, the baby was re-warmed because it was well-wrapped with clothes but still the heart rate was very faint. It has only 30 beats per minute and it’s not viable for survival. It is not normal for a human to have this kind of heart rate. So the parent was asked by the doctors if they would like the baby to undergo aggressive treatment but they refused. So they just let the baby lay down on her mother’s chest but after a few hours, the baby was declared dead due to the absence of heart rate, respiratory rate and brain function.

Governor Cerilles clarified that there is no reason for less fortunate patients of ZDSMC to get worried about financial matters because the moment they entered the hospital and they don’t have Philhealth Insurance, the hospital management will be the one to enroll them to Philhealth Office. They only need to comply all the requirements. The LGU will also extend help to the patients through indigency funds of the government.

Lastly, Governor Cerilles assured that they will extend help to the family of the baby.